Monday, November 12, 2007

+5 Staff of Groping

So a bit of catch up again...

Last Thursday I was in our Night #2 of Kara. Our targets were to pick up from where Group #1 left off and that was Curator. By now he's a standard fight for us and we downed him pretty quickly. Another Heroes member joins the ranks of Tier 4 with the gloves.
After that we cleared our way up to Aran. He posed some problems for us and we wiped twice before getting him down. Aran can be a bit like Prince in that there is some randomness that can make or break the fight. Aran was nuking our guys with low health in the middle of chaos (water elementals are out and he just did Blizzard on a few guys and then finishes up with Arcane Missiles on one of the guy hit by everything). This starts a chain reaction of losing people until the raid wipes. Oh and one time someone moved during Flame Wreath. No one knows who did it but I wouldn't be surprised if it was me... I'm not sure that I didn't turn my toon a slight pitch during that part because my hand was on my mouse and it's just a natural thing for me to do.
After Aran, we moved on to Illhoof. This was my first time facing him and although a bit chaotic, he seemed like a pretty easy and straightforward fight. The Terestian's Stranglestaff dropped and being the only feral druid in the raid made it mine by default. This was a nice upgrade from the Feral Staff of Lashing I was currently using for DPS although, I was a bit bummed that it can be easily replaced by the Merciless Gladiator's Maul from Season 2 Arenas.
Comparing the 2, the S2 Maul would yield around +191 AP and +0.42 Crit% more than the Stranglestaff.
The only thing the Stranglestaff has going for it over the S2 Maul is that the Maul is plain - almost boring. Whereas the Stranglestaff is literally a squid on a stick and with the tentacles all grasping and grabbing it has a certain cool factor the Maul lacks. I mean think of the fun that can be had in crowded places like the Auction House. All those people lined up facing the Auctioneers - you could reach out with your squidstick and let it grab some gal's butt and then put it away and look away (maybe at the ceiling) all innocent-like. Then she turns and slaps the guy beside her for being a perv - or maybe she fireballs him in the face! Or maybe she cheapshot->backstab->kidney shot->wtfpwns him! Imagine the possibilities!!


Xtrout said...

If you are a tank druid, feral staff of lashing is what you want, not the stranglestaff. Having said that, the stranglestaff is nice to have in your Kitty dps form outfit. I have been in Kara with my Drood bear for a little over a month (my main rogue has been in there for 6-7 months) and find it painfully easy on all fights...except Nightbane. Being a non Warrior, I can't stance dance it. Best bet there is to have a shammy with a tremor totem near by. Have you had a chance to try nightbane yet?

Origami said...

Wow, this is an old blog.. from Nov.
Anyway, I was only talking about the Staff of Lashing in comparison to the Stranglestaff for DPS. I already had the Earthwarden for tanking, which is better than either.
And I have since picked up the Merc. 2H mace so I use that for DPS.

As for kara, we've been clearing it for a couple of months now. I've personally only tanked Nightbane a few times and he isn't hard - it's just the luck of the flamestrikes that can sometimes cause wipes. Fear Ward and tremor totems help with the fear but it doesn't last too long and you can feral charge back to him and pick up aggro again.

Prince is a bit tougher because of his enrage phase but I think the biggest issue still is the random placement of the infernals.

ZA has been fun to tank.