Thursday, August 2, 2007

I Like PvP...

Despite what my guild leader may think, I like PvP. I didn't play those years of Counter-Strike with him because I was afraid of deathmatching. What I don't like, however, is a no-contest fight. Much like those clans we'd scrim or match against that were all teenagers with far greater eye-hand coordination and time to play, who'd walk in and be able to single-handedly take 3 or 4 of us out - I have a strong dislike for PvP where I stand pretty much no chance against an opponent.
This is a pretty big conundrum for Origami considering his class is considered one of the weaker classes (and arguably spec) in PvP. Conversely, a feral druid is one of the best solo PvE classes in the game so it's not a big surprise that I don't spend as much time PvPing as I do PvEing.

However, much like a good rogue or feral cat, I prefer to choose my fights. If you're being ganked you don't really have a choice but to fight. However, you can choose which battlegrounds you go into. When Origami hit L60, PvP was not very fun. Every Horde on the server was decked out in T-whatever gear, it seemed and most fights ended up pretty poorly - even when the Alliance outnumbered the Horde. When the Druid review happened things looked a little better but the gear differential could not be equaled. Our guild was learning UBRS when everyone else was farming MC or AQ.
When TBC came out it pretty much equalized everyone as everything at L70 would have to be re-earned. Sure, you'd never fight anyone still decked out in T3 while questing but there was also this uneasy truce that seemed to persist in the new zones. And pretty soon, everyone was L70 and ganking again. When Origami hit L70, again the same issues were there. Going into BGs against people who were already doing Kara meant lots of un-fun fights. Ferth says we need to PvP more to get experience so we'll do better and win but IMO, you don't learn much when you don't stand a chance. Sure, there's times you may win if you supremely outwit your opponents but just like our matches against far better clans in CS where we had superior tactics, in the end, it's the firefights that matter and if you can't deathmatch down your opponent you're not going to win.

Now, I'm not saying I had nothing to learn. Far from it, I joined Arenas as a feral druid, knowing feral druids don't do so great in Arenas. But the aim was for fun and education and learn a lot I have. If I really wasn't a PvPer, there's no way I would have joined an Arena team!
However, one thing I've noticed lately is that the scales have tipped a bit. Increasingly, I'm coming up against opponents in PvP that are less geared than I am. This has made PvP a little more fun in that the fights are actually winnable and sometimes actually comes down to who outplayed whom. I don't mind losing in these kinds of fights as they are a learning experience - yes, I learn from these types of fights.
The gear difference is sometimes quite high, with me being able to 4-shot some clothies with some timely crits. More often though, my gear is slightly better (1 "step" up) from my opponents which means I stand a chance against those warlocks, rogues, mages, or MS Warriors (haha, I made a funny). Yes, I said "better gear" = "equal fight". This is the sad fact for druids. When the large portion of the population was hitting 66 to just dinging 70, there was a large outcry regarding feral druids being OP'ed that subsequently lead to a nerf to our bearform damage. Druids at the time tried to explain that due to the nature of the way ferals get their damage, we gained more out of the greens and blues while levelling and hitting 70 than any other classes. However, as everyone started upgrading to epics and Tier gear, our relative power curve has maxed out and soon, everyone else not only catches up but surpasses us. Everyone kept comparing bearform druids to a Prot Warrior and said that we should be doing as little damage as "a tank". Meanwhile, druids tried to highlight the fact that in PvP, a bear druid was more akin to an Arms Warrior with a 2H-er spamming Mortal Strike and Heroic Strike. Logic and reasoning fell on deaf ears. And what do we have today? Everyone is QQing about MS warriors and how overpowered they are.
The irony here is that IIRC, NO significant buffs were given to warriors - a fact they were using to whine for their own buffs. So how, in these few months did the oppressed and unloved warriors go from PvP gimps to one of the cookie cutter classes you have to have in Arenas? Is it just the Arenas where they excel? If this were the case, why are the BGs chalk full of MS Warriors? These same "tanks" are running around with 11K to 13K armor and health getting white hit crits on a pretty well geared feral druid for 800 to 1k damage. Yes, I said white hit crits. I only get those kinds of crits with Maul or Mangle, my "Heroic Strike" or "Mortal Strike without the debuff". Now certainly, in BGs these MS Warriors are not as dangerous because they don't always have a dedicated healer but even still, it's quite hard to take one down and usually requires the effort of 2 or 3 other players to take one down.
In fact, the other night out in Hellfire as Wichita, Brambles, Azwynn and I were attempting to take the PvP towers, a Horde Warrior kept jumping Wichita and Azwynn. With 3 of us attacking him, we still could not kill him before he took both Wichita and Azwynn down. Now, yes, he was well geared. And yes, he was taking advantage of the OP'ed mace stun proc. But whichever shaman he targetted, the other would heal and yet he was still able to quite easily dispatch them. No, we weren't in an Arena and no, he didn't have a healer. So, explain how that's not OPed to me and yet somehow, bear form druids post-BC needed nerfing?! *sigh* Old topic, I know. But everytime a MS Warrior kills half an opposing team, the druid nerfs come back to my mind along with all the irony and bitterness (irony because it was the warriors who whined the loudest to get the druids nerfed).
On the topic of those fights in Hellfire though, previously, I would have easily been the 3rd man down and 1 MS Warrior would have taken 3 Alliance with hardly a challenge. However, with my current gear, I was able to fend him off and finish him. In fact, quite a bit of the world PvP I've done lately has been surprising with Origami able to hold his own. Last night, for example, when I couldn't sleep and logged in during the wee hours of the morning and tried to get my Skettis and Ogri'la quests done, the Horde were out and about and quite rambuncious. One particular warlock, sporting 11k health, was hell bent on killing an Alliance mage repeatedly. I decided to team up with the mage so we could get the escort quest done. The lock jumps us when we're escorting and in very little time dispatches a poorly geared mage. Normally, a lock with that much health is superiorly geared and would be able to take 2 alliance without much effort. However, I proved more than a match for him... granted he was a bad PvPer. I don't know what it is but I think some people think if you play the OP'ed FotM class that somehow makes you good - good enough to go and pick fights and gank people. And certainly, if you usually attack people while they're in the middle of fights, you'll win but what do you do when they fight back and beat you down? Well, you call for help, of course. And that's what he did. When he eventually rezzed after I killed him, he didn't even bother to fly away and heal up and mana up. Instead he jumps the mage right away and this time a rogue pops out and helps.
Now if you're going to get help, it's probably not such a good idea to get an undergeared rogue to help you - especially if the feral druid you were fighting critted you for 2.4K in the previous fight. Well, I guess beggars can't be choosers and after what was, for me, a nice challenging fight, it was Origami 3, Horde 0. Of course, the rest of the event wasn't so easy. Since Sevenn was in the area, I had him come help out but these 2 trouble-making Horde gained the aide of a well geared rogue and 2 rogues on a pally can make short work of him (don't ask, I don't know what happened and if he bubbled or not, I was busy with the lock). Well, you can't win them all but at least for once, a lock with 10k+ life didn't mean an automatic trip to the spirit rezzer. Nor did 2 Horde (okay, it was more like 1.4 Horde by the time they killed the mage and it was just me against the 2 of them). It was much fun.

I like PvP.

Well, my ramblings turned into an essay. Did I mention I ramble? It's not big deal, I don't expect anyone else to read this stuff. It just feels somewhat good to get it off my chest.
Anyway, the ADHD version is this:
Me = Like PvP
Me = Better Geared = More Even Fights = Less Dying = More Fun
Nerf Arms Warriors
Me = Like PvP


Honors Code said...

I'm always suprised to see how many people actually read my blog (or at least hit the site)

Origami said...

Yeah, I think I will be.

And besides, once I get some of this stuff blogged, I won't be posting walls of text.. at least not as big. :P

Wichita said...

Ah yes, MS warriors oh how I loathe thee. After Rogues they are my second biggest nemesis. I have gotten over my hatred of Warlocks because I can win against them if I get into a firefight and time my totems and heals well. This is not the case against a rogue or MS warrior. In either case I will have to keep attempting new strategies and hopefully find a way to fin some of those fights. :)

Origami said...

Part of it was my fault. I have to learn to treat world pvp like Arenas. I should have shifted out and rooted/cycloned him so you guys had time to heal and get distance.

One thing we could practice is you kiting warriors in their dead zone where you are too close for intercept but too far for melee. We can use the Sun duel night to practice this.

Jon said...

I want to try out more of our rogue and druid combinations. The night in AB with Zadorr, you and I was really fun. Stealth PvP FTW. Having a special-op Rogue / Druid team in our BG runs really impacts battleground games.

Jon said...

@ Wichita.
We should duel so you can try out different tactics against us pesky rogues.

Rob said...

Hey Origami, this is Talonfist/Oakensledge. Just want to say that you've got a nice blog going. I just noticed you had one the other day and it's a really, really good read. This stuff is fun - keep up the good work and glad to see you doing this too!

jenniver said...

Lilura was here!!

Very nice blog!