Friday, August 24, 2007

Those Dry Nights

Ran 2 instances last night: Shattered Hall and Mana Tombs. I didn't need anything in either one - well, there's the Savagery enchant that drops off Centurions in SH but there's only like 4 or 5 centurions and the drop rate is so craptastic, I didn't figure it would drop. Mostly, these runs were about helping guildees hopefully get a drop they needed AND about rep. Most people needed/wanted the rep from these instances. Since I'll likely need exhaulted with every single faction to get the new enchants that are coming with the next patch, the rep was good for me too.

Honors got the trinket he wanted from SH. Nothing dropped for Rhubarb in Mana Tombs, although Polar (Wichita's alt) got a couple of upgrades. We sharded stuff but I didn't win any rolls so I pretty much ended up with nothing. Well, that's not entirely true - I did get a Golden Draenite and a blue level gem, I think it was a Dawnstone. The Dawnstone will be useful but I don't know what to do with the small stash of green level gems I have. I don't use them as I'll go with blue level ones even in something like my healing gear. I don't think they sell very well on the AH either, so right now, they're just taking up bank bag space.

I felt kind of bad for Mordiera. He is a friend of Ashur and Lilura and he doesn't play as often so his character is in the 40's. When Lil logged off last night Mordiera was on by himself and joined our Mana Tombs run vent channel for some company. However, it was late at night and even though we had a fun group (Wichita as Polar, Rhubarb, Sylvara, Darolynn and myself) we didn't really talk much on vent. In fact, there was a long stretch, probably 15 or 20 mins where no one said anything on vent. We just pulled and cleared and pulled and cleared. Well, Daro can't say anything on vent anyway but there wasn't even party chatter.
In some ways, I like that kind of atmosphere... where everyone is so comfortable with each other (and so overgeared for an instance) that we don't even need to chat (as opposed to being so unfamiliar and uncomfortable with each other, no one wants to chat - something that doesn't happen much in Heroes). However, I don't think it helped Mordiera feel any less lonely being in a channel with nobody talking. I hope he doesn't think we didn't want to talk on vent because he was in the channel!

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