Tuesday, September 25, 2007

10K and the Jagdelf Effect

This past weekend, I reached Revered reputation with Netherwing and received my Commander's Badge and with that, I was able to boost my health in my PvP gear to above 10k. I had to switch out my Hourglass of the Unraveller which meant losing crit % but in PvP, survivability is more important. This is particularly important when fighting those 10k+ health MS warriors. Have I mentioned how much they hurt?! I better not get started on that rant again...

Last night, after getting sick of losing slow, drawn out but not even remotely close games of PuG EotS, I decided to do something else. When I had logged on I tried to peek to see if any groups were LFM for Mana Tombs using the LFG/LFM interface and well, I couldn't get myself out of it. The LFG interface has the ability to clear your status but the LFM doesn't so I ended up sitting there for an hour flagged as LFM for Mana Tombs. About the time I gave up on EotS and went and took Halaa in Nagrand, I received a tell from some PuGer who wanted to run Mana Tombs as well. I mentioned this on vent and Lilura said she'd go too, so I asked Rhubarb who had recently logged on and he said he'd go. So with 4 people we just needed one more. Normally, Wichita would join us but he was planning on watching Heroes last night with his wife so he was out. I eventually got a tell from another PuGer who, I think, wanted to go. His exact words to me were "do you have room" and when I asked, "for Mana Tombs", his response was, "I think so". He thinks?! If you want to join a group for an instance, shouldn't you be sure you want to go to that instance?
Anyway, about that time Jagdelf logged on and I asked if he wanted to go. I'd much rather take a guildee than some PuGer, especially one who wasn't sure where he wanted to go. So we get everyone summoned to Auchindoun and head for Mana Tombs when just before we zone in, the PuGer who first contacted me drops from the group. He didn't disconnect because when I did a /who, he was still online. He didn't give a reason, nor did he say anything, he just dropped from the group. Well, his loss and our gain as at about that time Homerjay logged on and he was interested in joining us. So what was a partial PuG became a guild group!

The interesting thing about last night's Mana Tombs run is that no one needed anything from there really. Lilura was in the level range to use drops from there but had already done the quests and probably had most of the loot off the bosses in there. All the others were just along for the fun I guess. My motive for running was for the Formula: Enchant Boots - Fortitude which drops off the Ethereal Priest.
I've run Mana Tombs a number of times previously with no luck but these dropped for me last night. The great thing about this enchant and why I've been after it so much is that this enchant can benefit everyone in the guild, not just a certain subset (e.g. not just DPS or just tanks or just casters or just healers). Everyone can use stamina to their gear for PvP so this is a great enchant for Heroes Inc. to have.
A month or two ago, I was running Steam Vaults any chance I could to get a similar enchant: Formula: Enchant Bracer - Fortitude which dropped off the Coilfang Oracles. Back then I was unsuccessful in getting that enchant after a lot of runs until one night I ran it and Jagdelf was in the group. He suggested we clear more trash near the entrance after we finished the run to try for the enchant and on our first additional trash pull, the enchant dropped. Well, last night Jagdelf was in the group again and the enchant I was after dropped again. I think he's the good luck charm - I'm calling it The Jagdelf Effect. I just need to get him to come with me to Shattered Halls (Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon - Savagery), Arcatraz (Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon - Major Agility), and Auchenai Crypts (Formula: Enchant Boots - Dexterity). Those are the only other instance drops I can farm for. All other enchants are either world drops or Kara drops so I'm not holding my breath or wasting my time farming for them.

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