Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Getting Close

Well I've been really busy lately so I haven't had time to do much blogging. Anyway, this weekend was AV weekend and unlike everyone else, I can do a lot of AV without going blind. This is probably because I tend to see how an AV is going and dynamically respond to it, rather than mindlessly zerging with the offense or futility trying to defend. I have that option though due to having stealth. Non-stealthers have a harder time choosing their own destiny.
But the nice thing about this AV weekend though as been the interest from other guildees. I think I ran 2 AV matches on my own and all the rest were with at least 1 other guildee. In these AVs it's really good because you work together and have more success or at the least, a little more fun and less boredom. At one point, we had almost 15 people in the raid for AV but that quickly dissolved since it's almost impossible to get everyone in the same AV when your group gets that large. I think the most we had in the same AV was 7 people for one or two matches.
With more than 1 group together in AV you can actually cause problems for your own side. We Heroes like to mix it up so we like to go take back Alliance bunkers and having 8 people do that kind of defense takes away from the people attacking Drek or defending Stormpike. With 3 to 5 people though, this gets real fun as you can usually take a bunker even if it's heavily defended (which usually means 3 to 5 defenders).

Anyway, after doing a lot of AV (note: not an insane amount like Wichita did), I managed to get enough honor to upgrade my boots from Marshal's to Veteran's and I have enough points to get the Sargeant's Cloak when I next log on. Combined with having enough Arena Points to get the A2 pants, I will be 3 pieces shy of a full PvP suit. All that will be missing are the A2 gloves, the PvP necklace, and the A2 Maul. However, I'm not going to worry about the Maul until it's the last item since I likely won't ever be able to get the A3 weapon, I have plenty of time to get the points I need for the A2 Maul. So, really, once I get the PvP necklace and the A2 gloves, I'm fully decked for PvP... probably just in time for them to release Season 3. :-/
But it's been worth the effort. My survivability is really noticeable in PvP with all the resilience and stamina I'm sporting. I actually went toe-to-toe... er, bearclaw-to-toe with a MS Warrior 1v1 style and beat him. I had just finished off another Horde when this warrior charged into me so I could open on him in stealth and load him up with bleeds but I managed to get a couple of kitty bleeds on him and then switch to bear. We duked it out and I was able to take him out. I did get a couple of HoTs from a druid coming upon the fight but that was at the end when the outcome was inevitable. A lot of times, people see bear form and think gimped damage and comparitively it is weak dps but a crit maul or mangle in PvP epics can put out 1k+ damage and people tend to underestimate that. This warrior was swatting at me with a gladiator maul (I think A2 maul) and so he wasn't completely undergeared (11k to 12k health) - oh and he was getting that lovely mace stun too. However, he wasn't using his full range of tricks like a lot of the really good MS Warriors I've fought so this is definitely a fight won through skill. I loaded him up with bleeds while keeping mangle and maul thrown while he just basically tried to chop me to death.

Anyway, I've still got a number of things I want to do with my druid but I'm still not sure which I want to do first. I should also get some dailies in there because I may just be buying the mats for that nice Shadowprowler's Chestguard that Wichita can make.

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Jon said...

Check out the AV changes they're making in 2.3: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=2215842565&postId=22153035129&sid=1#0