Tuesday, October 30, 2007

'Alt'ernate Reality

Pre-BC, I played a BM Dwarven Hunter and a Troll Rogue to 60. Both were fun to level at the time but I think my first love will always be a Druid (once you get past the painfully dull lower levels). However, for some breaks I have toyed with alts on Altar of Storms and I am having a hard time finding a fun alt to play. I tend to get to the mid-teens or 20's and lose interest.
I am also having a hard time deciding whether to level an alt that would be most fun or able to compete at higher levels in PvP (Arenas) than my feral druid. I think I'm leaning towards a fun alt as I am not only determined to try to get as good as a feral can possibly get in Arenas but I also really enjoy my druid in PvP - he's not one dimensional. I also hold some stupid secret hope that Blizzard will one day make them more competitive in Arenas.

But back to alts. I have a L32 Affliction Warlock. He was fun but I got bored soloing and have had a hard time re-connecting with him. I have a L27 Holy Paladin - not that I intend on keeping him Holy while levelling but at the time I didn't have Honorhammer's most excellent Pally levelling guide to reference. If I were to pick up the pally, I'd follow his advice though ultimately, I think I end up speccing Holy if I ever get to 70 with him.
All my other alts are 20 or below. I don't know what to do really. I think I'd enjoy a Shaman but I don't know. I tried the Shadow Priest to 20 but seem to be losing interest. I really don't know if it's the levelling grind that I'm bored with or the classes I'm trying. I recently started a rogue but only 1 night of playing him so he's L6 and it's too early to tell if I'll keep interest.

So, I've put up a poll. What do you think? Feel free to comment as well and let me know what you think.


Honors Code said...

I actually made a similar post last week.

I voted for Paladin because well I love the class.

20-60 is a grind with almost any class, the "new" has worn off you've got most of the toys and you're stuck in zones that you've done several times.

Jon said...

Ok... thinking purely in terms of PvPing here (go figure, whowuldathunkit). But we could use more PvP'ers here. In fact, we could use more on this server! I was questing with Bacon's lowbie alt last night and TWO different horde, on separate occasions, walked up to us pretty much and thought we could all have a fun time questing right next to each other. These solo horde had NO FEAR that the two alliance would gank them. Are they that sure that they're simply dealing with two more Carebear Alliance? Or do they think that they are so much better at PvP they think they can take on two of us??? Basically what happened is Bacon's alt threw on a couple heals on me from time to time as I played with these stupid horde (and righteously killed them), but the point being, they needed that lesson. :P

In fact, one level 29 Paladin DID basically attack Bacon and I. I was 33 at the time, he 31. We pwned that noob. There is not enough fear in the hearts of these bastardly horde.

Ok, got side-tracked there. :)

Back to my point, or to HAVE a point:
We could use a class that synergizes with the rest of us well. I have an up-and-coming Spriest. We don't have many DPS casters in our guild that PvP. So maybe a mage or lock would be nice. I voted "lock" but I think a mage would also be good, and would really complement the rest of us "PvP'ers" well.

Origami said...

Hmm... you both make good points. I agree with Honors about how the newness wears out quick.

I think if we could actually get a group of guys together who'd level up alts together, then I'd be able to stick with almost any class.

So, I think I agree with Lou and I'll consider something that works PvP-wise. Of course, Holy Pally or Lock both work but I still have an aversion to healing. I actually just liked the pally for soloing but I started to encounter "issues" at the late 20's with the way I specced (not knowing better).

The lock would mean less grinding up for sure. The only other one that interests me is the rogue but he's very low level.

Jon said...

Cool... yes, oddly enough, I'm going in a completely different direction, myself, and going to be healing for the very first time. I'm actually very excited about it. I've always played DPS classes, and I sometimes feel like having a more responsible role to other's well-being might be good for me.

Also, lock and spriest / priest synergy is absolutely spectacular. I'll be happy to terrorize STV with ya.

Lakini said...

Alts are dumb that's why I don't have any, except my rogue, hunter, and shaman but that's all. I like having "pure class" to play with no wondering if I should repec resto or feral I just stab things, I like that.

Zen said...

I have a stupid number of alts - 60's in most classes, and three 70's.

Really, every class is pretty boring early, you often don't get your key abilities until quite late. In particular, I find the 45-50 grind the hardest of all (which is why a lot of my alts languish there for a while).

Every class has its bright spots, every class has its dull spots.

WRT Shadow Priests, SPriests don't start to come into their own until they hit level 40. It's a real tough slog up until then, and then it's pretty breezy.