Friday, October 12, 2007

Shades of Aran

Last night Heroes Inc ventured once more into the depths of Karazhan with the intent of downing a new boss. Our group on Tuesday kindly took down Moroes, Opera, and Curator to open the fast route for our group last night to get to Aran.
We had a pretty stacked group consisting of Wichita (Elemental Shaman and Raid Leader this night), Lakini (Balance Druid), Baconstrip (Resto Druid), Regolas (Affliction Warlock), Condramus (Arcane Mage), Ferth (Arms Warrior), Sameth (Holy/Disc Hybrid Priest), Rhubarb (Prot. Pally - respecced Holy for the run), Ofn (Combat Rogue), and myself (Feral Druid) as main tank.
We got to Aran quite easily and after a false start - someone (Regolas) was trying to tell us how far you can come into the room and went a little too far! - we managed to take down Aran in only 2 attempts. The fight was rather chaotic with all the different spells going off and people running around and elementals shooting but our crew were very disciplined with Ferth and Ofn staying on top of their interrupt duties and everyone listening and stopping movement for the Flame Wreath segments. The only thing that gave us issues and wiped us the first time was actually the Blizzard segments. People had a hard time seeing the Blizzard or telling where the front edge was. Once we regrouped and talked about the swirly air graphics that indicate the lead edge of the storm everyone was able to spot the blizzard and get out of the way. As well, everyone managed to get out of range of the Arcane Explosion. We didn't manage to take Aran out before he ran out of mana and polyed us all and drank but everyone again listened and had saved their healthstone for this situation and popped their healthstones immediately after the pyroblasts. As well, the druids popped Tranquility to help bring everyone's health back up.
In preparation for this fight we had a rather lengthy thread in our forums discussing tactics for this fight and I think that helped somewhat. Some people read the thread and gave their input so we were familiar with what we wanted to do at each point.

After our celebrations at Aran, discussion was had and a decision was made to try to get to Prince. We forged our short way to Chess and completed that event with me being the lucky recipient of Girdle of Treachery. Next we cleared our way to Prince. At this point it was close to the end time of our raid so we decided to give this at most, one or two shots. On our first attempt, we got Prince down to 33% where his Phase 2 dual-pounding took me down, which caused the raid to wipe. I don't know what happened here but the healing got behind and I watched my ~20k health slowly drop to 0. I should have spoken up and mentioned that my health was getting dangerously low but I don't like to tell our healers how to do their jobs. I'm not entirely sure what happened but we likely needed a 4th healer at the tail end of this fight to top off the tank because the other healers may have had to switch focus to anther group member who was getting dangerously low. Our 2nd attempt wasn't nearly as successful when an Infernal landed several yards away from our casters and took out Lakini and Sameth.

Still, all-in-all it was a fun night with downing a new boss I think everyone in the raid was happy and felt a little refreshed in Kara after fighting the same bosses over and over again. Next week we are hoping to be able to field 2 teams each night so hopefully no one has to miss a whole week of Kara.


Wichita said...

Poor Rhubarb, left out of the Kara Line-up :)

Origami said...

Fixed. The funny thing is I forgot about him there but was going to mention how he didn't use his healthstone after the Poly/Pyro Aran did on us. ;)

Honors Code said...

Prince has 3 phases, but I actually think it should be 4.

Phase 1 is 100%-60%. Nothing really taxing here. Watch the enfebbles and the Infernals

Phase 2 starts at 60% and goes to 40%. This is where he gains Flurry and attacks three times in quick succession. Many of these blows are going to be Crushings on a Druid tank, but with your armor they are probably about the same as a non Crushing on a Plate tank. Still he can do 12k to me in 3 hits within a second.

Phase 2.5 is where the fight is made or broken. He's still got flurry (3 attacks in succession), but now he's enraged and doing even more damage. This is where you need to do everything you can to avoid the damage. If you have a trinket that with a use ability (armor, dodge, anthing) use it here. Healthstones, and pots are good but often you health vanishes before you can hit the panic button.

Your healers can't heal your reactively (that is wait until you take damage), they must just spam their big heals from 40% to 30%. Really, really have your dps step it up between 60 and 30, and go really really hard between 40 and 30.

I hope that helps.

Origami said...

Thanks Honors. That really does clear up what I thought I witnessed because when he hit 60% and went into Phase 2 everything was still okay... I was getting hit fast but the healers could keep up.
I tried to save my Badge of Tenacity and pop it when he enraged but I wasn't sure at what % he enraged so I may have popped my trinket too early both times.

Brambles said...

Lol, I didn't use my healthstone after the Poly/Pyro because I was already dead.