Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's A Bird! No, it's a...

It's A Bird! No, it's a very regal looking epic stormcrow! That's right, Origami finally got his epic flight form late last week. Wichita put together an elite crew consisting of Wichita (Elemental Shaman), Jagdelf (BM Hunter), Darolynn (Shadow Priest), and Dlow (Holy Paladin), with me as the tank.
The last time Wich and I tried this we were a lot less geared and our group consisted of 0 CC so that was a rather rough outing. This time, however, we had ice trap, shackle and mind control, masterfully played by Jagdelf and Darolynn to contain the mobs and keep our group from getting overwhelmed. Couple that with Dlow's smart use of stuns and combining them with my stuns, we were able to keep the more deadly mobs (i.e. Time-Lost Shadowmages) locked down while uber dps took them out.
The first boss, Darkweaver Syth, proved the most difficult with his elemental spawns but this turned out to be because we didn't read up on the boss before we tried him twice. We tried to handle this as we did in normal mode, which was to only pay partial attention to the elementals, keeping them off the healer and trying to burn down Syth. However, this meant we'd end up with 2x or 3x the elementals, which hurt. Once we slowed down and took the time to deal with each elemental wave, Syth went down rather easily. We handled the other pulls pretty well and survived some tough fights. We did wipe a few times overall but we persevered. Talon Lord Ikiss wiped us once but we took him down the second time when we had the ranged attackers (i.e. everyone other than me) stand on the opposite side where Wichita was standing on the first fight. This allowed Wichita to heal multiple people with chain heal during Ikiss' Arcane Explosion.
We actually tried Anzu between the 1st and 2nd attempt at Ikiss because it was getting late and everyone was trying to make sure I got my shot at epic flight form (what a great bunch of folks!). We were worried at first because with Anzu are 3 statues that are activated via HoTs that help you with the fight. However, since the only druid was the tank and as it turns out, priest HoTs don't activate the statues, we did the fight without the aid of the statues. This turned out to be just fine and we took out Anzu in one shot. I believe I had to battle rezz Darolynn in the middle of the fight as she took herself out when Anzu put spell bomb on her and she didn't realize it and kept casting but I had plenty of time during Anzu's banish phase to get her back into the fight. The adds were a concern before but since they've been nerfed and since we were a lot more elite than the first time I was there, they weren't an issue this time.
So, since late last week, I've been flying around with my snobby flight form looking rather epic and regal. I didn't think I'd like epic flight form since the pictures of it didn't look all that impressive but I've taken a liking to it and it feels like it flies faster than the epic gryphon (which is bigger) or the netherdrake (even bigger), so it feels like I'm flying around really fast! :)

That's one more thing off my list. My druid is looking pretty spiffy and I've gotten comments from those fresh L70s or pre-70 players who happen to be standing beside me at a mailbox, auction house, gryphon master, or waiting to catch a boat in Menethil. It's pretty cool to get that little bit of awe from them. On the otherhand it's also meant a lot more beggars sending me tells for gold whenever I'm in Stormwind or Ironforge. I used to just tell them that I had just spent all my money getting my epic flying but now I just ignore them completely. I don't want to be a snob but sometimes responding tends to draw more begging (e.g. "well can you run me through XXX instance?") instead of less.

Besides, I am a WoW snob! =D


Honors Code said...

Big big Gratz Origami. Man we owned so hard that first time. Glad you guys got it done.


Jon said...

Hey speaking of "Heart of the Wild", looks like you're getting a HotW increase:

"Heart of the Wild in cat form will be changed from 20% STR to 10% AP.

In addition there will be changes to Items that granted bonus attack power in Cat, Bear, Dire Bear, and Moonkin forms. These items have been re-evaluated and in almost all cases, the attack power on the item has been increased. This change corrects an issue where feral weapon damage was not keeping up with other classes in its rate of increase."

Cool eh?

Gratz on the epic crow good man!

Krawl said...


grats on the epic crow!